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Pool Noodles

Royal Splash Purple Pool Noodles Delight

Royal Splash Purple Pool Noodles Delight

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Royal Splash Purple Pool Noodles Delight

Indulge in the regal luxury of our Purple Pool Noodles from Oodles of Noodles®. In ancient times, purple was a hue exclusive to royalty, symbolizing opulence and prestige. Today, you can effortlessly bring that sense of grandeur to your poolside experience with our vibrant purple pool noodles.

Embrace the royal vibes as you lounge in the pool, letting your imagination wander, whether fantasizing about inheriting a throne or deciding on your next dinner feast.

Measuring approximately 50" long, 2.5" wide, with a 1" hole, our purple pool noodles offer both comfort and versatility. Crafted in North America and free from harmful chemicals, these noodles prioritize safety and quality, ensuring a delightful pool experience for all.

It's essential to note that while our purple pool noodles are fantastic for leisure and play, they are not intended as lifesaving devices.

Certified ASTM F963-17 for ages 5 and above, our purple pool noodles guarantee a safe and enjoyable water playtime for the whole family.

Elevate your pool moments, bask in the luxurious color of royalty, and add a touch of regal charm to your aquatic adventures. Purchase your purple pool noodles from our online store today and let the poolside reign begin!

Purple pool noodles are a unique addition to your pool party experience. These floating noodles add a touch of style and an air of classic elegance to your pool parties. The versatile quality and stylish look make them the first pick for many swimmers.

Purple pool noodles are not only preferred as floating noodles; you can also create charming DIY projects with these noodles. Crafted with epic-quality foam, they are not just for swimming support; they are an accessory of style and elegance. So, make every splash count with Purple pool noodles and enjoy your time in the water with style.


Color Purple
Material EPE (Foam)
Weight 11 Ounces (Approx.)
Age Range Child, Adult
Size Details 150cm x 6.5cm / 59.06" x 2.56" (Approx.)

Non-toxic, environment-friendly

purple pool noodles

Features Of purple pool noodles


  1. Regal Color: Immerse in luxury with vibrant purple hues, adding a touch of elegance to your pool experience.

  2. Premium Material: Crafted from high-quality EPE foam, ensuring durability and long-lasting water fun.

  3. Versatile Size: Approximate dimensions of 150cm x 6.5cm (59.06" x 2.56") cater to both children and adults for universal enjoyment.

  4. Lightweight Design: Weighing approximately 11 ounces, these noodles are easy to handle, making them ideal for all ages.

  5. Safe for All Ages: Certified ASTM F963-17, offering peace of mind for child and adult users alike.

  6. Endless Pool Fun: Perfect for water play, floating, and creative water exercises, providing entertainment for everyone.

  7. No Harmful Chemicals: Made in North America without harmful chemicals, prioritizing safety and environmental responsibility.

  8. Relaxation and Recreation: Elevate relaxation with buoyant support or engage in water workouts, promoting both leisure and fitness.

  9. Age-Appropriate: Suitable for children and adults, enhancing family pool time and making it a versatile accessory for all.

  10. Imaginative Play: Inspire creativity and imaginative water adventures, turning ordinary pool time into a royal water kingdom.


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