Pool Noodles: Your Ultimate Floating Partner

Our inflatable pool noodles are made of versatile-quality foam, which makes them incredibly long-lasting and perfect for swimming. These innovative and colorful floating noodles have become a key element of fun and delight at pool parties. Steve Hartman invented pool noodles in the 1980s, inspired by the idea of making a safer and more comfortable pool toy. These versatile foam noodles are serving as valuable tools for crafts, art, education, and various DIY projects.

Explore our wide variety of premium-quality, eye-catching pool noodles. Our collection offers various colored swimming pool noodles, including white, black, blue, red, yellow, pink, and many more. These versatile foam noodles are perfect for pool parties, swimming training, and relaxation. Standard swimming noodles are about 2.5” in diameter and 58” in length, but jumbo pool noodles are also available.

  • Not Just Swimming Noodles:

    Pool noodles are not just swimming noodles. The versatility of these foam noodles makes them a fun and practical addition to various aspects of daily life. We can also use them in pool toys, crafting and DIY projects, tool grips, math and counting aids, edge protectors, and many more. Checkout some creative uses of pool noodles.

  • Pool Noodles as Pool Floats:

    Pool noodles are superb replacements for traditional pool floats. Their weight-bearing capacity and versatile nature have turned them into a cost-effective and comfortable choice compared to traditional pool floats. These swimming noodles are so soft and relaxing that you can spend hours in the pool, even in the sun.

  • Fun for All Ages:

    Whether you are young or young at heart, these pool flats are ideal for family fun in the pool. Children love playing in pools using these noodles, while elders can spend hours of their extra time on these foams to get relaxed.

A pool noodle is a cylindrical foam tube that is mostly used for swimming in pools. It is made of lightweight and flexible polyethylene foam cells. These cells help it float in water.

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You can attach pool noodles together using different techniques and methods, like duct tape, glue guns, zip ties, PVC pipe, and nylon straps. But the best way is to join them using noodles connectors or pool noodle joints, as they are designed specially to join noodles.

As mentioned, our pool noodles are made of polyethylene foam cells that are considered non-toxic and safe. It’s recommended to store them properly, as improper storage may cause them to break down with the passage of time.

Pool noodles are constructed with materials that are genetically floatable. Their main purpose is to help with swimming, as they are also called swimming noodles, so you can rely on them to float on the water.