Pool Noodles: A Fun Pool Toy

Splashy Fun Pool Noodles A Summertime Essential



Are you planning to go to your nearby lake and want to have some fun there? Are you getting bored of your same swim routine without any fun in your pool? Do you know there is this amazing product waiting just for you to try to enhance your pool entertainment? Yes, we are talking about pool noodles here.

Pool noodles are made up of foam cylinders that are solid as well as flexible. Pool Noodles or pool floats are made from Polythene. Millions of polythene bubbles are pressed together to make pool noodles.

Pool noodles are also known as swimming noodles, foam noodles, floating noodles, pool floats, or foam noodles. Pool noodles are so flexible that when they are bent, they come back to their original shape. As polythene does not soak water, that’s why the pool noodle is a very water-friendly product.

This amazing product is used to float in your swimming pools, as a toy, or as water aerobics gear. These pool floats are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Pool noodles or pool floats are humble pieces of fun for your pool life.

Splashy Fun Pool Noodles A Summertime Essential

History of Pool Noodles

In the 1980s, there was this incredible person named Steve Hartman, who worked in a foam and plastic manufacturer called Future Foam. Originally, pool noodles were called foam insulation pipes and were not intended to be used for aquatic recreation.

Hartman’s family started using pieces of these foam insulations in their pool and started using them as foam noodles for the first time and there they found how playable these pool floats can be in a pool.

So, the word spread, and people started calling it Pool Noodles or Foam Noodles. The popularity of these swimming noodles arose and touched the skies as pool noodles were lightweight, cheap, colorful, and playful items.


Types of Pool Noodles

There are many kinds of pool noodles available in the market based on their versatile shapes, colors, and sizes. Here we’ll discuss some types of these pool floats based on their shape.

Standard Pool Noodles

The most common type of floating noodles is standard pool noodles. They are cylindrical and come in various colors and sizes. As we can bend them, we can make different shapes out of these standard pool noodles. Many foam noodles can be joined together for more fun. This is the cheapest type of pool float.

 Animal-Shaped Pool Noodles

These types of pool floats are made for those kids who love animals. The Animal-Shaped pool noodles come in all kinds of animal shapes like beagles, dolphins, giraffes, elephants, etc. These funny-looking swimming noodles serve both purposes of playing and swimming altogether.

Types of Pool Noodles

Foam Water Guns

These pool floats are enhanced with the power of water guns which are attached to the pool noodles. Kids who love to play with water often tend to buy Foam Water Gun Pool Noodles.

Foam Water Guns

Uses of Pool Noodles

Floating noodles have versatile uses. These pool floats are multipurpose things that are being used by different people differently.

Swimming Aid

As Pool noodles are very lightweight and float in a pool easily, Pool noodles can be used as a swimming aid. Because of the buoyancy and floating power of pool noodles, people remain afloat on water and they can practice swimming practice sessions without any fear of drowning.

Swimming Noodles have been quite helpful in teaching swimming skills to many young kids as well as adults.

Water Aerobics Gear

Another creative use of Floating noodles is that they can be used as water aerobics gear. They provide resistance, making them useful for water aerobics, water yoga, and other aquatic exercises. People can use pool noodles during their swimming workout sessions.

Pool Toy

Kids love to play in water using Pool noodles. Pool Noodles can be used as a pool toy. Floating Noodles are used by kids to do different creative activities in water.

Kids make rafts and boats out of pool noodles. Kids can turn these pool noodles into swords and begin sword battles in the pool. Pool Noodles are fun toys in many ways.

Pool Swimming Chair:

Pool Noodles can be bound together to make a floating chair inside your pool. Or you can grab your lightweight lawn chair and attach foam noodles with it, to convert it into a relaxing floating noodles pool chair.

Pool noodles Swimming Chair

Kickboard Replacement

Foam Noodles can be used as a replacement for kickboards for people who don't like stiff and hard kickboards for swimming in the pools.

Pool Games and Activities

People can use this cool Pool noodle product to play different kinds of games in the pool

  • Pool Noodle Jousting: Participants sit on pool noodles and try to knock each other off balance.
  • Swimming Noodle Races: Race across the pool by floating on the Pool Noodle
  • Limbo: Participants can hold the end of two pool noodles horizontally and other participants should limbo under pool noodles by floating on a pool noodle.


Protective Padding

We can cut pool noodles and attach them to car doors to protect from scratches from other vehicles and tight spaces


 Door Stopper

We can use a pool noodle section at the bottom of the door to prevent it from slamming and shutting.

How to Choose the Right Pool Noodle

You must be thinking what kind of swimming noodle suits you the most? We are here to guide you in selecting the perfect type of foam noodles for you. The rule of thumb is if you want to do some fun and swimming activity in the pool then you should be going for the type of floating pool noodles that offer more buoyancy.

So that the floating noodle keeps you bouncing on the water to help you float. If you want to do some kind of exercise or yoga activity then you should be selecting the kind of pool noodles that provide resistance.


Floating noodles are versatile and fun. These float noodles can be used for swimming, or as pool toys or water aerobics. There is vast variety of pool noodles according to their colors, shapes and sizes.

You can use these foam noodles other than pool activities. You can make DIY projects out of these pool noodles in various aspects of daily life. People can select their favourite type of foam noodles according to their purpose.


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